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  How to determine your aircraft transport cost!

Transport cost are that in which your airplane is on the trailer.
No charge for deadheading to pickup your airplane.

Transport costs are $1.75 per mile for a single airplane (One aircraft, not number of engines), or $1.50 per mile for two (separate loads) or more airplanes. Companies that deal in salvage call for rate. - 541-829-3755

Using www.mapquest.com you will enter the pickup address and the drop off address. Use the mileage calculated to determine distance for transport. Take this number and multiply it by the mileage rate to determine total transport cost.

If the airplane is going to be repaired so that it can be flown again use the shop rate ($40.00 per hour) list to determine aircraft take down cost - Click here for a list of airplanes and their disassemble cost. If the airplane is salvage, the cost are fixed for both light singles, and light multi engine aircraft, they are $500.00 for singles, and up to $1,700 for light multi-engine aircraft.

Forth and lastly,
There is a one-time fee on every load of $500.00, which covers the loading, and unloading of merchandise. This cost is included to cover our liability in moving aircraft suspended in the air from a Crain (attached to the truck).

Here is an example two different scenarios,

Example A,
A Cessna 172 is located in Boise Idaho, it is 100% repairable and needs moving to Denver Colorado. Transport from Boise to Denver is 830.39 miles (@ $1.50 per mile) and the cost of dissembling is $500.00 + loading fee of $500.00 = $2,245.58 cost for this job

Example B,
A Barron 58 needs transport from Memphis Tennessee to Dallas Texas, the airplane was sitting on the ramp for the last ten years and will be purchased for parts only. In this example the airplane is salvage, and the salvage rate applies. Transport from Memphis to Dallas is 453.33 miles (@ $1.50 per mile) and the cost to disassemble is $1,000.00 plus the loading fee of $500.00 = $2,179.99 cost for this job.

Remember, those who use us on a regular basis or have multiple loads are discounted to the lower rate of $1.50 per loaded mile. Further salvage company rates differ, so please call for those rates.

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